If you happen to have a date today for April Fools, really you shouldn’t let the incident pass without at least ONE prank.

  • ice-cream-sundae-357972_960_720Serve your date an ice cream sundae made out of mashed potatoes and a caramel-colored gravy.
  • With a small needle, punch a few holes in a water bottle. When the bottle is picked up, pressure from the hand will push the water out and give the person a misty spray.
  • Print out a fake parking ticket and leave it on her car.
  • Tape an air horn onto the guard which keeps the doorknob from hitting the wall. Position the air horn so the door will push the top. The loud sound should be worth the effort. Or maybe put the air horn under an office chair so when the chair sinks those couple inches, the horn will go off.
  • There is always the classic, replace Oreo frosting with toothpaste.cookies-702931__180
  • If you want to surprise a boyfriend with a sweet tooth. Give him what appears to be a caramel apple. Instead of an apple cover an onion.
  • Put a couple pieces of tape on the bottom of the mouse. The mouse won’t work, and few of us think to check the bottom of the mouse.
  • Put a paper cup on her desk with this message. DO NOT LIFT UNLESS YOU WANT TO KILL IT!MentosPeppermint1.32oz37.5g500ls
  • Freeze MENTOS in ice cubes. Add the ice cube to your dates drink. After a few minutes the drink will start to randomly fizz.

Have Fun.