On Friday, April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day. Since the inception of Earth Day in 1970, people have increasingly understood the need to honor our earth. Nearly 200 countries around the world celebrate this event. This weekend you might want to find a date or a group of people and include a few activities that honor this world.

  • picnic-918754_640Plant a tree
  • Dig out noxious and invasive species.
  • Cook a meal with only locally grown foods.
  • Turn off your cell phone and enjoy time together without technology
  • Spend time in a part or on the beach
  • Pick up trash around a nearby body of water.
  • Have a romantic picnic using nothing disposable. Use real napkins, plates, silverware and cups/glasses.
  • Go out for dinner using public transportation or a bicycle to get there.
  • Watch something from the Plant Earth series.
  • Go bird watching.

These activities can honor the earth whenever you do them. Have fun.