Physically some people might be considered a "10." That doesn't mean they are a "10" to live with.

Physically some people might be considered a “10.” That doesn’t mean they are a “10” to live with.

Donald Trump is notorious for saying things which are—for lack of a better word—are a bit edgy. A couple months ago, the 69-year-old presidential hopeful insulted the model Heidi Klum by saying she’s not a “10” in looks.

The model filmed a short film to poke fun at Trump. The short clip shows Heidi wearing a sign saying “10″ while being photographed on a shoot. A man wearing a Trump mask walks over to her and rips off the sign, which reveals that her shirt has “9.99″ written on it.

The model indicates she’s fine with being a “9.”

You know what. There is nothing wrong with not being a 10. When you are searching for that one special person to share your life with, you should be looking for someone who is compatible—not just a ten.

Ten comes in a lot of forms. Only one of them is physically a ten.

When we have this idea that we are only going to settle for a “ten” then we often let some really great 9.5 individuals get away. Life can be pretty good with a great individual who on some arbitrary scale is not a “10.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that your first impression of another person isn’t always reliable. This is true whether you are meeting in person or online. The first meeting can be stressful and awkward. People act differently in different situations. For some people, the first meeting is one of the situations they are not good at.

If you are looking for a long term relationship, don’t pretend to be something or someone you aren’t. Pretense will quickly kill a relationship. We all have flaws. If you are a lousy cook, hate to cook, and don’t even own a frying pan ordering a home cooked meal and staging a lovely four course dining experience is not being honest.

One more suggestion. Before climbing between the sheets, get to know the person. Once a relationship turns sexual, it’s harder to get to know the person. Take the time to learn about an individual before you commit your body.