Trust between one another starts soon.

Trust between one another starts soon.

According to research from Princeton University your facial expressions determine whether or not people judge you as “trustworthy” or not. The research suggests that this decision is made in only 34 milliseconds.

The conclusion is that people judge smiling faces as trustworthy and angry-looking faces as untrustworthy.

Another Four magic words to help move a conversation along are: “And how about you?” This is a better question, than “What do you do? This leaves open the possibility that they are unemployed or don’t want to talk about their job.

Don’t just give compliments, ask a question.

I love your hair, where do you get it cut? If you love their shoes or their coat, it might be tacky to ask how much it cost.

When you meet someone new it is a magic mix of talking and asking questions.

If you are doing nothing but asking questions you seem nosy and secretive. If you are always talking about yourself then you may be on that spot of “too much information.”

When you are talking to someone give them your full attention. Don’t check your phone or look around at the pigeons flying overhead or the guy that just walked in.

Dating can be fun.