They hadn't much to say to one another. Can you say, "awkward?"

They hadn’t much to say to one another. Can you say, “awkward?”

An occupational hazard of trying to find the best way for people to connect is I have a horrible habit of observing couples. Everywhere I go I surreptitiously watch any couple who looks to be dating, especially if this appears to be a first date.

I know of enough success stories, to recognize online dating can be very effective in finding a compatible relationship. However, I have also been privy to numerous horror stories which are a cautionary tale for being careful.

Of course, you need to be concerned for physical safety, but also you should be careful of your emotional well-being. Not every date is going to be a homerun and that is okay. But if you constantly use a dating website which does nothing but match people up by looks, then I guarantee there will be a lot of less than satisfying meetings. There are websites which use rather well-designed algorithms to narrow the pool of those with whom you might find things in common.

A few years ago I saw this couple on the beach. They were just sitting there. The conversation was painful to hear. One would start talking and then the topic would grind to an awkward halt. He would look at his cell phone and she would look longingly off into the distance. You could almost see her dreams of running away. The whole scene was uncomfortable.

You could tell they had just met and were trying to make the best of it. They look like a well-matched couple. Maybe they used an online dating service. If they did, then it must have been one that relied on pictures or something, because this definitely was not a love connection.

They need to move on, get a better dating website and try again. They should check out something a little more indepth than height, weight and just looks.