Infatuation is a great feeling. Don't jump headlong into marriage until you're sure this will last.

Infatuation is a great feeling. Don’t jump headlong into marriage until you’re sure this will last.

Those first sparks of love and romance are probably not reliable as to predicting who will make a good long-term partner.

New love is the incomparable turn on. There are so many neuro-chemicals firing within your brain. These chemicals often trigger this desire to have this person in your life forever. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you and this new love would be good together on a long-term basis. This “spark” of new intensity will not last forever. This spark comes from newness and insecurity. Once this newness has worn off and once you feel more secure, the intensity lessens.

The first initial infatuation stages, does actually produce a blind feeling. After a few weeks or months, clarity tends to surface. Continuing to love someone is likely to depend on how suitable that person is to your goals and lifestyle.

If you are a person who responds only to infatuation or romantic love, you might overlook many important qualities when choosing someone.

Luckily, it’s conceivable to rationally consider the future even when you are dealing with the chemical effects of infatuation. Your ability to rationally think through a situation can help you evaluate if the person you love so powerfully right now is likely to become a problem or a benefit over time.

Here are some signs to suggest your infatuation with a particular person should be treated carefully.

  • There is nothing BUT infatuation. You don’t share a vision of the future. You don’t share very many interests. You don’t find much to talk about.
  • You refuse to pay attention to any red flags.
  • Others are telling you this person is bad for you and you know they are probably right. You know you are just enjoying being infatuated with someone.

You don’t have to distrust every strong feeling. You just have to recognize there needs to be MORE than just strong feelings.