couple-913236_640Sometimes we are having so much fun with an individual that we are with them for a long time before we realize that the relationship is not healthy.

Sometimes we get so familiar with an individual that we don’t realize this particular relationship is tearing us down rather than building us up.

Sometime we are so scared of being alone that we refuse to leave an unhealthy relationship.

Sometimes we haven’t been in a healthy relationship so we forget what beneficial connection is.

Here is a summary of a mutually healthy relationship, the kind you should be in.

  • Good communication. This includes not just social media and texting, but face to face without fear of reprisal.
  • Separate identities. Whether you partner wants to do everything you do is irrelevant, whether or not you are allowed to do those things you are passionate about is relevant.
  • Fairness and equality. The power of control is not given to one or other of the partners. There is a shared consensus.
  • Truthfully you deal with one another.
  • Not only are you truthful to one another, but you trust one another to still be there when things aren’t always perfect.
  • This goes along with the trust. You trust your partner to support you.
  • Mutual respect. Both of you respect the other and his or her decisions.

couple-955930_640Physical attraction. All of the preceding items could be listed as attributes of a good family member. But to have a loving, romantic partnership, there also needs to be a romantic feeling and an attraction. Too many relationships have the physical attraction without the other and that is not healthy; however, never underestimate the need for lust.