Get your heart in shape for dating.

Get your heart in shape for dating.

Forget about Spring Cleaning your house. Instead, let’s try spring dating. Spring isn’t just a time for baseball season, flowers, and cleaning. Spring is a time for romance and dating. Maybe it’s the time for spring training for the dating game.

Here are some ideas for dating spring training.

Be prepared to step up to the plate. It really doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been out of the dating game, you can have a relationship. Regardless of your age, you will have a better immune system and live longer if you are in a healthy relationship. This should be reason enough to get into the game.

Make sure you are safe. We all know the precautions which should be taken when playing a game. We all know the precautions which should be taken when you first meet a date—neutral meeting place, in the daylight, don’t give home address, etc. Don’t forget these rules.

All new seasons require new dress. When playing a game, you dress appropriately. Dating isn’t a game, but you still need to dress to impress. Put your best foot forward. Just because you are focusing on your outer appearance, doesn’t mean you are lying about who you are. You are hiding your true nature. Remember, a quality first impression sets everything in motion.

Get warmed up for the date. Plan a few conversation starters. Plan what you will do on the date. Plan an activity that would be fun to do. This could be a concert in the park or a lunch at a unique sidewalk café.

When you are really “at bat” during the date, ask questions and then take the time to really listen.

Avoid fouls while on this first date. Stick with the positive. Have a positive, optimistic attitude. Also don’t be hitting it out of the park during these early dates. You don’t have to reveal too much. Too much too soon may overwhelm your date and cause discomfort.

Use body language to show interest. Remember to use your eyes or body movements to show that you like or are interested in your date. This means maintaining eye contact, positioning your body towards your date and not interrupting the conversation by answering texts or emails on your phone.

Don’t feel shutout during this dating time. You are unique, but there are other unique people out there with whom you can connect. If you are rejected, don’t take it personal. Just keep batting. It’s spring. You’ll eventually hit a homerun.