In our opinion, is the best place for you to go if you're really looking for a long-term relationship. Chemistry has all the facets necessary to help you find that stable relationship that you've been longing for. From the interesting and thought provoking personality test, to the matches that seem made in heaven, this program seems to be the best on the market for finding "love." is not for you if you're looking for a "social" experience where you'll just find someone to date or "hook up" with; the matches are just too good for that. Read on and see the pricing, features, pros and cons, and much more!



  • One month- $49.95
  • Three months- $33.32 per month
  • Six months- $26.65 per month
Package What's Included In Price: Full use of the website. No extra fees for any added features or services.
Type of Dating Site: Long-term relationship/love.

Membership: 14 million


  • Matches– Where you can view all the people you've been matched with
  • Interested in you– People can tag that they are interested in you, and you can tag that you are interested in people. The notification shows up on the home page; it's like giving somebody a "more-than-just hello" look from across a room.
  • You've been noticed– You're matches can also "notice you." This notification shows up on your home page as well. It is very similar to the "interested in you" feature.
  • Email– Once you've initiated contact with your matches, you can email back and forth over's secure server. No need to use your personal email.
  • Stream– This is a brand new feature to where you can view what users are doing within the site.  It tells you when people are new to the site, when they've updated information in their profile, and so on. 
  • Cheers– Within the stream section of the site, you can also send "cheers" to people for their activity within the site.  It's very similar to the "Like" button on Facebook.
  • Chemistry Starters–  In an effort to limit the seriousness that goes into beginning a relationship, Chemistry has developed conversation starters for you that can bring a sense of humor and lightness into your initial communication with a match.

Ease of Use: After filling out profile, you are taken directly to your matches which makes for great ease of use. Flow of website information is great. Simplicity of features helps to keep communication between matches simple and sophisticated.

Aesthetic Appeal: Graphics are a little bit "childish," but this also makes them easy to understand.

Matching/Compatibility Testing: Chemistry's compatibility test questions are interesting and fun, so even though the process takes a long time, it is entertaining to complete. The questions are very telling about your personality without straight up asking what you think about your personality. Your matches are based on compatibility of personality types. The personality types are categorized as Builders, Negotiators, Explorers, and Directors.


  • Great matchmaking capability
  • Great personality testing
  • In-depth profiles to view when selecting from matches
  • Simple communication process


  • No search feature to search through all the people in the database in your area
  • Cost- Slightly more expensive than other sites

Ages: Available for all ages over 18, but best for ages 25-39.

Races: Any race.

Sexual Orientations: Available for any, but best for straight individuals.

Regions/Countries: United States, and Canada