Because is one of the most highly-marketed online dating sites, the sheer membership of the site yields a great reason to join. Match is a hybrid for those interested in finding a long-term, marriage-type relationship, and those just looking to casually date. So if you’re not sure whether you want to settle down yet or just to find someone fun to hang out with, may be the site for you. And with the vast quantity of features to utilize in your dating efforts, you’ll surely be able to communicate with the people you find interesting in whatever way you most enjoy.

Membership: 20 million
pricing Pricing

  • Standard one month- $35.99
  • Standard three months- $19.99 per month
  • Standard six months- $17.99 per month
  • Premium three months- $23.99 per month
  • Premium six months- $19.99 per month
Package What’s Included In Price: In the one, three, and six month standard packages you get full access to the website as well as full mobile access to the site.With the premium three and six month packages you also get email read notifications, first impressions, and a highlighted profile (read more about these in the features section).With both the standard and premium six month packages, you receive the Guarantee (you can also read more about this in the features section).
Type of Dating Site: Hybrid of casual dating and long-term relationship finding.

  • Membership- is one of the most recognizable names in the dating industry, so it’s no surprise that their membership surpasses 20 million making it a great site if you’re looking for “quantity” of people to filter through.
  • Features- With so many features offered through, you will never feel like you’re getting “cheap” service or like you’re left “wanting” more from the site’s capabilities.

  • Information Overload- Because the site set-up lacks simplicity, you’ll find yourself looking through your homepage trying to understand the vast amount of information they’re pushing on you.
  • Mobile Discover Page- Recently Match overhauled their mobile experience to include a Discover page right when the app opens up.  There are two parts to the page, Stream, and Mixer.  The Stream is just a long list of people who Match thinks may be interesting to you, and you can say whether you are or aren’t interested at first impression.  Mixer is an option that allows for more interaction with the people being offered up to you by Match.  You swipe one way if you aren’t interested in that person and another if you want to know more about them.
  • The is now taking their services into real life.  Large groups of paying members who seem compatible in the eyes of the website will be invited to events such as wine tasting and cooking classes where they can mingle with other paying members face-to-face.  You will not be able to get in unless you are on the guest list.
  • Guarantee– When you purchase either the standard or premium six month packagewith, you receive what they call the Guarantee. This was formerly called the Make Love Happen Guarantee because its purpose is to ensure that you find someone special during the six months that you signed up for service. The benefits of this guarantee is that if you do not “find someone special” during the six months, then you will be given an additional six month membership at no cost. In order to be eligible to receive the perks of this guarantee, you must create a “truthful” profile with a photo and keep it visible through the duration of your six month membership, start or reply to at least five different members each month through their email service, and you must follow their website terms of use.
  • Email read notification– If you sign up for either the three or six month premium package, you will be able to receive notifications when members open and read your messages to them. This way you’ll know if someone isn’t responding because they haven’t read your message yet, or if it’s because they aren’t interested in talking to you.
  • First impressions– When you sign up for a premium package, your profile will be among the first profiles sent to members who are just signing up for services. This means that you will always be up-to-date with the new people looking to find a partner on
  • Highlighted profile– You can see in the image here that a highlighted profile, only given to three or six month premium members, makes your profile stand out in search results on by making the background of your profile info green as opposed to the normal white. says that highlighted profiles get 60% more views than regular profiles.
  • Email– Like all other dating sites, provides a secure email server where you can communicate back and forth with other members of without giving away any personal information like a phone number or email address.
  • Winks– You can send “winks” back and forth between members by pushing the small winking icon when viewing profiles or search results. This service is available even in the free membership. You can view who has winked at you on your home page when you log in.
  • Likes– When you go to someone’s profile you can click “like” and they will get a notification that you liked their profile.
  • Favorites– You can place peoples’ profile in your favorites folder by clicking the “Favorite” icon on either the search results page or their main profile page. You will be notified when people “favorite” your profile as well.
  • provides an instant messaging service so that you can talk more efficiently with other members while you’re online.
  • Who’s Viewed Me– On your home page you also have access to see the members who have chosen to view your profile.
  • matchPhone– Formerly called matchTalk, matchPhone is a service that lets you use your phone to talk with members and even text. matchPhone generates a unique number for you and the member you’re talking with so that you aren’t giving away any privacy by using your phone to communicate with another member. You don’t have to be subscribed to the service in order to accept requests for communication with matchPhone, but if you want to initiate conversations using the service, you have to be subscribing to matchPhone.
  • DateSpark– This feature gives you the opportunity to post a date idea that you have that you’d like to enjoy with another member of the site. You do not choose someone to propose this date to, you just propose the date as a whole, and then people view your DateSpark, and if they’re interested in going on this date with you, then they respond to the DateSpark.
  • Highlight– There is a little button when you’re viewing profiles that says “Highlight Off,” and if you click it, the button changes to say “Highlight On.” When the highlight function is on you can highlight parts of the person’s profile and comment on them. These comments won’t be viewed by the public, but the person whose profile you highlighted will be able to read your comment about their profile information.

Ease of Use: If you’re really trying to find a long-term relationship, is not the easiest site to use.  Profiles only show you very few things that you have in common, and don’t make it easy to see how you stack up to the other members’ desires in a partner.  There are a lot of different buttons to do a lot of different things, and the massive number of features almost makes the site more difficult to use.  If you’re using the site to “casually date” or to “get to know people,”  you’ll find the searchability fairly easy to use.  You can choose to do a regular search, or a search based on your “mutual matching” (meaning that the results will show you someone who not only fits what you’re searching for, but also will show you matches in which you fit what they’re searching for)

Aesthetic Appeal:‘s site graphics are simple and easy to understand, but because of an “information overload” on the homepage, the site is not very aesthetically appealing overall.

Matching/Compatibility Testing: All throughout the website are references to, one of‘s sister sites more geared toward finding a match for your personality.  This instantly shows you that the matches that you find on are not as good as the ones you would find on some of the more “relationship-oriented” sites.  Matching on is really not based on personality compatibility, but instead on whether or not you have hobbies in common, or whether or not you match the physical, educational, and career-oriented specifications a person has set out as important to them.

Races:  All races

Ages: Available for all ages over 18. Best for 25-39.

Sexual Orientations:  Straight, Gay, Lesbian

Regions/Countries: Argentina , Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemboug, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam